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Established in 2017, straight out of college and in the paralegal field. (Founder Kenneth Ivey) was ambitious and driven to commit time & energy equally to making different choices as he has done in the streets. Between Da 2, inc. came from the idea of being a liaison between lawyers and family members who were only seeking justifiable justice for their love ones through and under the integrity of the lawyers and the defenders who preyed & plundered on the love and commitment on a community of people who already been robbed for far too long. 

Thanks to Criminal Attorney Gary R Sunden, Esq. Who advised with care, I offer my knowledge and wisdom to educating our communities on the basic functions and understanding of the criminal justice system and how to better navigate it, in order for them to make better and sound choices.

 (Between Da 2,) the people's choice was born.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization rooted in the communities of the Bronx. We believe, in investing in our communities by first investing in our future. The young men and women of our communities are sheltered and not provided with a credible lens to the opportunities available. Therefore reluctance by lack of trust can not be equated with any amount of incentives that fail to improve their quality of life. 

We here at Between Da 2, in use of Credible Messengers who have not only lived experiences, but are continuously faced and subjected to the very same conditions of social and economic inequalities, are offering one preventive developing approach, using collaborative and motivational skills for the best and real-time impact and youth engagement.  

Board of Director
Tiffany Robinson, ChairWomen
Shawn Saulsbury, Vice Chairmen
Rodney Smith, CFO, Dir. of Operation
Eileen Newman, Board Member
Irma Kelly, Board Member
Shakira King, Board Member, Finance Consult.
Mareta Ivey, Secratary


Where Passion and Dedication Meet
Kenneth Ivey, Founder/Executive Dir.
Odessa M. Thomas, Executive Dir./CFO
Shanequa Charles, Director Operations
John Edwards, Dir. Education/Strategy
Mareta Ivey, Marketing/Community Dir.
Tawan M. Wade, Dir. Youth
Marco Morales, Youth Outreach Coordinator
Khadim Diop, Youth Outreach Coordinator


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Hostos College
Metropolitan College of New York
NYS American Bar Association
Feeding Westchester
Fashion Bar
NYC Department of Probation (NeOn)
NYS Department of Parole
Foundation Center
Yonkers Juices4Life


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