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The Bulletin

Between Da 2, inc.
We are a professional occupational development Organization that offers Youth and Young Adults ( 14-26, Y&YA) opportunities to realize and maximize an entrepreneurial mindset and independent/interdependent development. Our Mission is to bring about positive youth development and promote entrepreneurship that can bring financial support and stability to the Y&YA and their families. This is accomplished using practical field training, emotional awareness, and intelligence along with proper etiquette in the workforce that assist in addressing violence from a constructive action-based practice approach. These things are at most accompanied by internal/external acknowledgments and certifications. We believe that the more knowledge and skills you have, the higher your earning potential can be and one's success more realized. With our program, you can keep more of your hard-earned money to reinvest in your future as you develop an understanding of our financial literacy program and more.
Learn how we can help you achieve your dreams and reach your goals. 

Our Entrepreneurial Mindset Program is based on real individuals, facing similar or identical circumstances and who yet has been able to overcome and rise above all. Using their skills, time, assets, and resources, many have contributed self in the empowerment and upliftment of not only our future Y&YA but also humanity as a whole. We believe in basic economics and happiness. (Feed the People, and the People will Feed Each Other). we understand the importance of investing in our communities. That’s why we offer property management services (Seasonal Leaf Removal, Lawn Maintenance, Junk Removal, Exterior/Interior Home Cleaning Services, and More....) that prioritize your own children and siblings, regardless of where they're from. Our experienced and professional team supervises all Y&YA to not only assist in your child or sibling's mobile and cognitive development but we pride in our quality of work to ensure your property management needs are met, & the job is done right. Hire us today and see the difference our community-focused approach can make.

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